For Our Veterans

Military funeral services for our veterans.Many of the first families served by James B. Earthman (great-grandson of American Revolution veteran, Isaac Earthman) were those of Civil War veterans. It is for this reason and continued gratitude to today’s veterans that Generations pays a special tribute to those who have served our country.

Military Funeral Services and Memorial benefits provided to military veterans may include:

  • Interment at Houston National or other National Cemetery eligibility.
  • Burial plot, government-issued grave liner and marker for each veteran and spouse.
  • A United States flag which may be draped over the casket or folded

Benefits of military funeral services are typically made available to those veterans Honorably Discharged and documentation of a veteran’s military service (form DD-214) must be provided. Most other services and merchandise such as viewings and visitations, military funeral services, use of hearse or limousine are usually not included. Veterans may be buried in private cemeteries and a government allowance can be made available to assist with these expenses. A government-issued headstone is available; however some cemeteries may charge a setting fee.

We offer a 10% discount to all veterans for military funeral services*

Please contact Generations at 713-802-0000 or online at for more information. Or visit for more information regarding Veteran’s Affairs.

* Cash advance items such as police escorts and newspaper notices are not included.