Why is Cost Such an Issue in this Debate?

The news here in Texas over the last week has been dominated by the recent announcement that the proposed rule requiring the burial or cremation of fetal remains will take effect on December 19 (if you’ve missed this, you can catch up with these articles from the Texas Tribune, and the Washington Post.)

Clearly, the disposition of fetal remains is a complex issue that provokes strong feelings for many people. However, speaking strictly as a licensed funeral director in the State of Texas, and owner of one of the last family owned funeral homes in our great city, Joseph J. Earthman Generations, I have to admit that I’m completely mystified by one aspect of this ongoing debate: cost.  In my business, we’ve provided the core services, since day one, completely free of charge.  I consider it a professional and ethical obligation to do so – and I can’t imagine that I will change that policy, not while my name is on the building, regardless of any rule enacted by the State.