Mass First, Cremation Second.

As a life-long Catholic and a provider of funeral services, I’ve observed first-hand the direct impact of the increasing use of cremation on the Catholic funeral rite. Specifically, Catholic families who choose cremation are increasingly less likely to celebrate a funeral Mass with the body of their loved one present. In fact, when speaking with families, I’ve found time and time again that they hold the completely erroneous belief that choosing cremation somehow precludes their loved one from the funeral Mass.

Combatting this misbelief has become something of a personal mission for me. Because it’s not possible to have that personal conversation with every Catholic family in the Archdiocese, I have authored a brochure that seeks to address some of the “myths” associated with the choice of cremation, and highlights the beauty and significance of celebrating the Catholic funeral Mass with the body of the deceased present. Please take a few moments to read the brochure – and if you have comments or questions, email me. I would love to hear from you. Also, I am currently working on a similarly-themed brochure specific to our Protestant brethren, so stay tuned!

Mass First, Cremation Second